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Digital Printing Machine
Digital Printing Machines are very helpful in printing glass of any given shape, size or thickness. These machines are very efficient in providing any desired print and of any color.

Lexy Insta Printing Machine
Lexy Insta Printing Machines are very effective in printing the wooden items with different dimensions and are resistant towards acid, water and thinner. The product requires low maintenance and is very compatible.
Etching Paste
Etching Paste is very Eco friendly and non corrosive in nature. It is water proof and does not emit any foul smell or smoke. It easy to be sued and very cost effective.
Provided hand Sanitizers are known for their precise formulation and long lasting disinfecting effects. Made of skin friendly raw materials, these products can be easily accessed in the market. We offer these items at reasonable price.
Stone Sealer
Stoneseal Base Hardeners are used for immediate curing of cracks emerged on granite and marble flooring, tile surface etc. These welding adhesives take maximum 5 hours to set. Long storage life is one of its key aspects.