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Business Strategy

A well planned strategy is a precursor to the realization of ones vision and helps climb the stairway that leads to success.

  • Our business strategy sets clear goals for each individual to achieve while placing great emphasis on the quality of work done, this provides a well defined path for each employee to follow.
  • Our business plans are directed towards achieving our ultimate vision which is to become a world leader and a benchmark for quality.
  • We have been able to attract investors by showing them the clear path, we plan to take and have optimized areas that require improvement by targeting each individual phase of business and manufacture.

Lexy Print Transfer Technology

The company make use of advance printing technology to print multi color designs on hard surface such as Marble, Granite, Wood, Gypsum Board, Glasses, etc. We are continuously in research to know more about latest printing techniques so that we can implement them on our product portfolio. The company has offered several solution to a wide range of customers with its innovative glass printing machine, wood printing machine on different surfaces. Many of the interior designers have take benefit of our amazing services and make a range of unforgettable prints with our printing technique.

Creative & Beautiful Designs

We use Lexy Print Transfer Technology in order to get beautiful and adorable prints on interiors and exteriors. We also offer the printing technology along with complete accessories and installation procedures to companies. Since our solvent transfer printing technology is easy to use and is perfect solution for interior applications, therefore many of the industries have avail them from us. There are several advantages of using it on different surfaces such as-

Benefits of Instant Glass Printing Technology

  • Existing Epson A4 Printer can be used
  • Low Investment
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Space Requirement
  • No Grinding
  • Quick Delivery
  • User Friendly

Benefits of innovative glass printing technology

  • Environment Friendly
  • Instant Print
  • Less Space Required
  • Low Cost
  • No Maintenance
  • Non Hazardous

Benefits of Lexy marble/granite/glass/wood/gypsum board printing technology

  • Cost Effective Technology
  • Easy to Apply
  • High Quality Printing
  • High Resolution Printing
  • Mobility of Technology
  • Narrow Payback Period
  • Possibility of printing on heavy materials
  • Transfer Technology
  • Very Less Maintenance Cost
  • Very Less Power Requirement
  • Wide Applications